Active Control: The self adaptive control systems allows the gyro stabilizer to work effectively.
Sealed Design: The core components are completely isolated from the marine environment.
Power Saving: The ceramic rolling elements allows the gyro to spin faster and consume less power.
Duo-Cooling System: An effective duo cooling system enables the gyro stabilizer to work steadily.
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Gyro Stabilizer Installation Manual:

1 – Mechanical Installation
2 – Electrical Installation
3 – Cooling Installation
4 – Startup
5 – Installation Checklist and Required Supplies

Gyro Stabilizer Technical Drawings:

1 – Product specifications
2 – Space required for installation
3 – In and outlets
4 – Load details to frame
5 – Electrical wiring diagram

Operation Manual:

1 – Gyro Stabilizer
Technical Specification
Working Principle of Gyro Stabilizer

2 – Gyro Assembly
Key components of the Gyro Stabilizer
Electrical Wiring Diagram
Dimension Drawing
Controller & Motor Driver
Cooling System

3 –  User Interface
Icons Introduction
Home Touch Screen
Operating Interface
Speed-Control Interface & Operation
About Warning

4 – Maintenance
Checks before operation
Regular Maintenance Table
Warning & Troubleshooting
Oil Filling

5 – Warranty and Ownership