Greenleaf Maritime is a spin-off business brand of Arcate (established in 2007 ) and is dedicated to improving crew & passenger safety at sea.  Seasickness is one of the most frequent health and safety considerations. When spending hours travelling on your vessel to an offshore or at anchor location, it is likely that passengers will experience seasickness at some stage of the journey. If, upon arrival to the off-shore location people are not fit to work or relax because the commute has made them unwell, they will not be able to complete maintenance work to an optimal standard or, in some cases, be able to get off the boat at all.


Based on direct access to a 120 + professional workboat gyro-stabilizer installation-knowledge database and a highly skilled Netherlands services team, Greenleaf Maritime can provide direct (multi- language) support to professional operators and installers related to gyro stabilizer motion control systems:

  • Gyro Stabilizer model and configuration recommendation
  • Roll reduction analysis and predictions models
  • Project planning and installation supervision
  • Sea Trials & Performance Analysis planning
  • Remote diagnostics & Data Analysis
  • Spare Parts Strategy
  • Scheduled Maintenance Strategy
  • Crew Training

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