Greenleaf Maritime is a spin-off business brand of Arcate BV  based The Netherlands (established in 2007 ) and is dedicated to the international maritime industry.

We are not advisors. We are not consultants. Our mission is to work as future makers and focus on optimizing collaboration, processes and sustainable prosperity within organisations and economics ecosystems in the maritime industry.

Strategy Foundry

A strategy foundry is a term we use to describe an environment  that focuses on developing and refining strategic plans for organizations. It typically involves a process of strategic thinking, ideation, and collaboration to create effective strategies for business growth, innovation, or overcoming challenges.

In the strategy foundry, individuals or teams work together to generate, evaluate, and implement strategic ideas. It often emphasizes creativity, adaptability, and continuous improvement in strategic planning. The concept is related to a workshop or a collaborative space where strategic insights are forged and refined, aligning with the metaphor of a “foundry” where metals are cast and shaped.

This term is not as standardized as some other strategy-related terms, and its usage may vary depending on the context and industry. Contact us to find out more how this all started with a MBA Thesis written more 25 years ago and what we have done since.

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